Terms and Conditions

  1. The Affiliate is not allowed to join their own ICCWIN account under his downline. Thus if found will not be included in revenue share or account suspended
  2. The Affiliate Revenue Share percentage will be defined by the revenue from the downline members less promotions or bonus amount provided to a member less platform charge.
  3. The Affiliates must have at least 5 active members to be eligible for the revenue share. In case the affiliate doesn’t meet the condition, the revenue share amount will be added to next month’s settlement
  4. The Affiliates must have a minimum of ₹1,000 or ৳1,000 revenue share commission to be eligible for affiliate withdrawal.
  5. Only 1 Unique account per member will be allowed in the downline. Same member creating multiple accounts will not be considered in revenue share.
  6. Any negative balance added in a month will be carried forward and added to next month’s settlement. Negative carryover will be carried forward until adjusted to zero.
  7. The Affiliate settlement will be monthly. Revenue share withdrawable will be scheduled payout to affiliates every month.
  8. The Affiliate understands that gambling is a regulated industry and agrees to provide any information or assistance that is necessary for regulatory compliance.
  9. The Affiliate is fully aware of the nature of gaming and understands that there exists a risk of losing money when gaming.
  10. The Affiliate fully understands and agrees to comply with the methods, rules, and procedures of the requested gaming service.
  11. This application form is filled and submitted by the Affiliate him/herself.
  12. The Affiliate ensures the information provided in the form above is true, correct, and valid.
  13. ICCWIN is not responsible for any risk of that member losing the User ID/ Password, passing the information to another individual, etc. If you feel that your User ID has been compromised, please contact ICCWIN support immediately.
  14. The Affiliate acknowledges and confirms that the Customer has fully read, understood, and agreed to be bound by all the above terms and conditions.
  15. ICCWIN uses any information voluntarily given by our users according to the particular purposes of gathering. We use information that users voluntarily provide in order to send out electronic newsletters and to provide requested information, such as the promotion information and the member service information. Etc. ICCWIN never uses the individual information of the user out of particular purposes and will not arbitrarily disclose the individual information to a third party.
  16. ICCWIN Terms and Conditions applied.